[STAFF BLOG] 2015.03.05 Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour 『Hurricane』 Part 1 Report!

Daisuke Namikawa 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” was held on December 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday) at Nagoya Diamond Hall! Let’s check the live out!

During the rehearsal, he wore T-shirt and parka from 2nd Live “Banchetto”.
5 months after 2nd live ended, this live was held. Namikawa-san holds “3rd” live, which is the first person among Kiramune members!

He also showed the choreography that looks familiar.
Guess which song he was doing?

Rehearsal ended and finally the real thing!
Before starting, he used his live voice to read what to warn about, so the fans are in high tension!
Element played as the BGM, and everyone was singing. After that, the live started!

During “Wonder fool world”, band members at the same stage lead the fans with the cheering!

He also sang the new songs from 『Elements』, the 1st full album that was released December 3rd last year for the first time!
Among those songs, the highest cheer was “Dress Code”…
Lot’s of fans said 「cute-!」 to the choreography.

Among the new songs, there is also “Funky Series”, and the performance heated the stage, which will be mentioned in another live report…

Showing unusual heat up, after performing new “Funky☆Wave”, Yoshino-san appeared!
During the talk corner, they announced about the unit they formed 「Uncle Bomb」 and performed 「Yeah oh!!」, which is a song performed first time in live.

During the talk before singing, there was a funny topic like Namikawa-san invited Yoshino-san to drink sometimes during the midnight, but it was too often that Yoshino-san refused his call.

After the duet song, the live is back with Namikawa-san’s solo stage, and is into the last spurt!

After main part ended safely, Namikawa-san and the band members brushed at the backstage.
Yoshino-san also waits for Namikawa-san behind the stage too.
The photo below, holding a fan where Namikawa-san is. They really are good friend~.

We thought the stage is fill of 「Encore!」, but it’s fill of 「Daisuke Daisuki (We like Daisuke the most!)!」… He is also surprised!
With the wonderful call, he appeared and with fairies (?) called “Devi-rin” on both of his arms to sing 「Pan to Circus」 for the first time.

At the end of the encore, the stage united and ended with 「Naritai Aritai」 which was composed by himself…

He hugged the members passionately at the backstage after the live, 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” part 1 ended safely.

Thank you for everyone who came to watch the live!

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk  (Kiramune☆Stars)


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