[STAFF BLOG] 2015.03.11 Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour 『Hurricane』 Part 2 Report!

We will deliver you with report on 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” Part 2 Live, which held on February 1st, 2015 (Sunday) at Osaka BIGCAT!

First with the photo of rehearsing most memorable “Funky☆Wave”,
He practiced this song until the live begun.
※ The photo above is the rehearsal, few days before the live.

The song that even the band members had the choreography.
This is a new song that chosen from the first full album 「Elements」 which released last December.
It looks like a huge power when five of them line up on the stage.

After the rehearsal, some mysterious guy showed up when returning to the backstage…!
It turned out to be Namikawa-san who wears mask!
He did a wonderful pose in front of the camera (laugh)!

Let’s take a commemorative photo before the live starts… wait? It seems like there is someone we know at the back…
Yoshino-san with the guitar at his shoulder joined us when taking the commemorative photo!
We can see his full smile here (laugh).

End of preparation, and start of the live!

“Funky☆Wave” that he has been practiced during the rehearsal heated up the show with explosion!
The most important point to watch is when band members spread the confetti! Namikawa-san looked wonderful with the kimono!

After the song, we called Yoshino-san, who was called 「Shishou (master/mentor)」.
During the talk corner, Yoshino-san said 「the confetti is unusually sticking on you!」 as he picked it off from Namikawa-san’s face. Then Namikawa-san said, 「Yocchin Paisen has something on too.」 as he pulled “mustache” on his face (laugh).
Also, he announced 『Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane Part 3 (Final Live)』 and sung 「Yeah oh!!」 which they announced about 『Uncle Bomb)』 and sung during Part 1.

After the song, Namikawa-san delivered gratitude to the audiences.
「I’ve learned step by step through the tour, I’ve walked while being taught by the fans. The feeling towards the songs has been changed as well. I do my best on what I can do now, and would like to sing with all of my heart, so please follow me.」. After that, he sung “Recollection”.
The audiences waved penlights with the song as if they are answering what Namikawa-san said.

The live ended so fast, and the audiences yelled encore with 「Daisuke Daisuki!」
He changed to the same outfit that has “Shachou (yellow bird)” on his arm as the Nagoya show and sung 「Pan to Circus」 as the first song for the encore.

He sung “Naritai Aritai” together with the audiences as the final song of the day and ended 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” Part 2 Osaka BIGCAT.

Thank you for those who came!
The next 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” Part 2 will be at Osaka Namba Hatch.
As announced during the live, 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” Part 3 Maihama Amphitheater will be the final live, please check NEWS page for the details.

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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