[TWITTER] 2015.05.09-10 KiraFes 2015 Members’ Tweets Compilation

Everyone who attended the first day of 『KiraFes 2015』, thank you very much! The whole venue was overflowing with the energy to make it the best day! It was fun!!!
We only had one ball to sign for each, I did a collaboration with Nobu (lol)

Just a bit more until 『KiraFes 2015』

The first day of KiraFes 2015!!!!
It ended safely without injuries~~~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Everyone who attended, thank you for your wonderful smiles!
I had a happy time…>_<…
I’ll do my best tomorrow on the last day~~~!!!!

KiraFes 2015! The first day ended safely! To everyone who attended! Thank you very much! It was fun-  We’ll also be waiting for you tomorrow at Yokohama Arena! Let’s have the best fun—-!

Good morning, everyone (=^ェ^=)
is the last day of 『KiraFes 2015』 !!!!
Let’s make racket together (^_−)−☆
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the venue (o^^o)

KiraFes 2015 ended~

Thank you to everyone who attended!

If these two days will remain in your memory

as a happy time, then I would be happy.

I hope that when you remember today

after time passes, that you would feel the same way,

that you would feel that you spent a happy time.

To everyone who couldn’t attend this time

come join in next time~!

KiraFes ended! The throbbing in my legs also feels a bit pleasurable. The members’ performace was amazing, but everyone’s cheering was also amazing! Thank you! Let’s meet again (*^◯^*)

KiraFes 2015! The second day also ended safely!!! It was really, really fun. It’s thanks to everyone who attended. Thank you very much for the best two days!!!!

『KiraFes 2015』!!!!
The whole event ended safelyy~~~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Ohh~~~ it was really the beeest show!
Everyone, thank you for the best cheering
It gave me strength (o^^o)
Did you have fun?

The two days of 『KiraFes 2015』 ended safely.
It was a show very different from the previous years, but with the staff & cast’s motivation, and above all, with the incredible power from the audience, we spent the most fun time.
Everyone who attended, really thank you very much! Take care of your bodies!

Source: @_yocchin_______ + @Ryouhey_Drunk 1 | 2 + @namidai0402 + @egutakuya 1 | 2 + @numanumakapa 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Translation: shyuu (Kiramune☆Stars)


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