[BLOG] 2015.06.09 Important Notice Regarding the Live

I, Miyu Irino, am currently preparing for the live tour.
I’m discussing with the staff to create a live I want.
I also directed a part of creating my own live goods!
Very refreshing solo live.

I’m going to announce some very important announcement regarding the live.
They are important, so it’s a “must” to read them before coming to the live.
The blog list information that is especially important.

My wish is influenced in every information. Please read it.

1. Regarding to the Bouquet.
The bouquet is accepted only on the Toyosu PIT show on July 5 (Sunday). We will not accept them on the other shows. It goes the same for Flower Arrangement (the flowers for the backstage), small bouquets. There will be a decision to size, arrive date, recovered and things cannot be accepted.

Read “regarding to bouquet” for more information.

2. Regarding to the show.
It will be all standing shows.
There might be lots of uncomfortable, bumping and being stepped by others. I apologize if that happens m(_ _)m
Please do not save the seat for your friends or doing dangerous behaviors.
Please be a Kira gentleman or Kira lady and be thoughtful.

3. Belongings and Clothing
Please carry as little belongings as possible!
It will be hot on the day of the show, towel is a must!! Please wear something that is easy to wear like sneakers or light outfit!
The space will be very crowded since it will be standing show.
Please do not wear following clothes and hairstyles!

[Metallic fittings, clothes with something prong, sharp accessories, high heels, extremely up or collected hairstyle, hat or hoods, etc.]

4. Cheering Goods
Please no pen lights and chemical light (cyalume) that produces light! No to fans and boards.

5. About the Admission
This is important!!

There will be a check on if you’re the buyer yourself to prevent from exchanging. Please check the important information before coming. For more detail, please check “About your identification/verification”

It is dangerous to lend IC card to others!!
It’s a no!

6. Regarding the Presents
We don’t accept presents like letters on all shows.

Let’s enjoy the live by following the rules.

There are lots of pleases, please check it!
The information will be posted on the special site later, so please check it there too.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Source: Irino Miyu Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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