[BLOG] 2015.06.10 First Practice

Live in Maihama Amphitheater

We’ve had meeting before but we didn’t actually met before.
Live band! It makes me excited!
Also, there are more members added this time!
Trumpet! Trombone! Saxophone!
The thickness of sound is increased!
These are 3 new members: Yosshii, Chan-ama (Ama-chan), Tan Tan (^o^)/
We do several trial and error to figure out how to show their charms


The additional team looks dark because of the light >_<
Also! We were able to meet with the dancers!
I cannot believe how many people there are! So lively! I’m happy!
It will surely become fun!

However, when we were done with it

Yeah, we will surely become like that
Because it’s double the work with Yocchin Paisen and they always in their best state
It is encouraging!
Let’s try our fullest during the real show too!
There are still tickets left, so please buy if you are still deciding-

The entering of raining season was at the same time as we started to sing m(_ _)m

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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