[BLOG] 2015.06.16 Shissou (Sprinting)

It’s hard to read the title if it’s just the kanji for sprinting

It’s Shissou
Do you know σ(^_^;)

I’ve been going in between dubbing works and rehearsal for the live tour
I’ve been preparing passionately for this weekend
I predict there will be full of contents

My body is feeling tired but I’m getting used to it
I’ve also been receiving letters asking me is your body ok? But I’m ok (^o^)/
But thank you for worrying about me!

Everyone in the band is fine

During arrangement
Cool sound are getting created here
Now that’s the session!


Brass team
Each and everyone has their own personality ^ ^
When the brass are added, the thickness is increased
We really need them to move around
The phrase everyone says,

It’s my first time

That’s a nice sound

Up next

Stable rhythm and fierce action then live t-shirt \(^o^)/

From that

Kimu–nii who is soaked in mystery

We meet with the dancers fully starting today
I cannot wait ^ ^

Ok, first, I’m going to dub foreign drama!!

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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