[BLOG] 2015.06.27 For a Week

So fast
Today, one week ago was first day of live tour final


I’m with the band members and Jumbo the director
The tour this time was a power up with the additional team

I always ask for impossible to the band members
They don’t show that they don’t want to do and try to do them optimistically, so I would take them for granted, but I should it’s not a must

Please act stupid, put down the instrument and dance, or play while dance, etc.

I feel touched and thankful for everyone who would try their best to do these impossible requests
It’s cool and pro, I think.
Newly joined members would also get warmed up as if they were responding to existing members’ passions.
Dancers and staff burn their passion and they are in good air since the rehearsal

「That left myself」 I thought for several times
But I felt danger because I didn’t catch up with everyone else
I just need to trust these wonderful members and do it! And I tried my best in last spurt
while imagining the smile of the people who came

I will stop here for now because it would get long infinitely
I will continue
Anyway, I feel most proud about these wonderful members

Meikoi event today
Please come to this event too!

Wait, raining again??!!

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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