[NEWS] 2015.07.18 The Heat of the Live is, Surely Hurricane! Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” Part 3 (Final Show) Report

Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane” Part 3 (Final Show) was held on June 20, 2015 (Saturday) and 21 (Sunday).

The live this time is centered on the songs included in 1st original album 「Elements」 such as 「Hurricane Rock Star」 and 「Recollection」. There’s also Namikawa Theater, which is familiar in Namikawa-san’s lives that uses lots of clips and performances, that get the fans enjoy!

We deliver [Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane”] Part 3 (Final Show) in this report.


● Live like a Storm Start!

There was a sound of thunder, like the title 「Hurricane」 indicated, when the live started. Then he sang 「Hurricane Rock Star」 for the first song. With the fans call, the voltage in the stage rose quickly! The start was exactly like hurricane comes.


In the talk corner, as a rain man, he said 「it’s sunny today」 to show himself. Being sweaty after singing the songs, he heated up the talk that he’s used to with 「I’m the only one who is raining heavily」.

3rd song 「JEKYLL TO HYDE」, the guitarist joined to excite the fans. 4th song 「Dillinger」 showed a performance with a microphone stand. He showed that he’s still energetic to perform a cool performance that doesn’t lose to his songs. Then here comes something that you cannot miss during Namikawa-san’s live which is 「Namikawa Theater」.


This time he acted a boy who likes Japan Pi~Puruto (People). He made the fans smile with the call of the character, gal-ish dog Amphitheater. Enka singer Daijirou Namikawa, who appeared during KiraFes 2015, also appeared. He sang 「Funky☆Wave」 and 「Hello ☆Peo~ple」.


● Surprise Appearance by Yoshino Hiroyuki!

After 「Namikawa Theater」, surprise appearance by Yoshino Hiroyuki-san as a special guest! Both of the as a unit 「Uncle Bomb」, they sang 「Minato-ku Love Romance」 and 「Yeah Oh!!」. Especially 「Minato-ku Love Romance」 is a man-woman duet that can feel Showa. This 「adult love song」 by Yoshino-san with female outfit and Namikawa-san, showed same heat up level as 「Namikawa Theater」.


Afterwards, he sang popular songs such as「Recollection」, 「Dress Code」 and 「Elements」. The live is heated up with explosion and the dance that matches well with the dancers! The live ended without cooling down the excitement.

During the encore, 「Daisuke Daisuki!」 call echoing the venue, in response to that Namikawa-san appeared again! He sang 「Pan to Circus」, 「Dreamer」 and 「Theme of “Ring”~Hand in Hand」.


Then [Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane”] Part 3 (Final Show) ended. It was a stage that can feel the heat because it’s Namikawa-san. Let’s wait for his activity in the future with excitement.

■ Kiramune Presents Namikawa Daisuke 3rd Live Tour “Hurricane”


M1 Hurricane Rock Star
M2 run
M3 ジキルとハイド (JEKYLL TO HYDE)
M4 デリンジャー (Dillinger)
M5 ファンキー☆ウェーブ (Funky☆Wave)
M6 はろー☆ぴ~ぷる (Hello☆Peo~ple)
M7 港区ラブロマンス (Minato-ku Love Romance) / (Uncle Bomb)
M8 Yeah Oh!! / (Uncle Bomb)
M9 Recollection
M10 over and over
M11 空色追想歌 (Sorairo Tsuisouka)
M12 ドレスコード (Dress Code)
M13 Colorless sky
M14 Jump Out Loud
M16 Elements

EN1 パンとサーカス (Pan to Circus)
EN2 Dreamer (20th) / HEY!!!(21st)
EN3 Theme of“Ring”~Hand in Hand

Kiramune Official Site
Kiramune Official Twitter

Source: animate.tv
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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