[NEWS] 2015.07.19 Charging Fans’ Hearts With Encouragement! Yoshino Hiroyuki 1st Live Tour “Charge” Part 3 (Final Show) Report

Yoshino Hiroyuki-san’s 1st Live Tour “Charge” that began December 2014. It was held in huge cities like Nagoya and Osaka, it ended on June 20, 2015 (Saturday), 23 (Sunday) at Maihama Amphitheater, Chiba.

He showed his songs, dance, as well as playing guitar while singing during the live this time. We can see Yoshino-san’s challenge in this live. We deliver Kiramune Presents Yoshino Hiroyuki 1st Live Tour “Charge” Part 3 (Final Show) in this report.


● Yoshino-san Hugely Welcomes the Fans!

Yoshino-san welcomed the fans, who came to the live with the first song 「Ladies and Gentlemen」. The fans responded to it with the pink lightstick.

He sang popular songs like 「CALL」 and 「Blue Lagoon ni Koi Shite」 after that. Yoshino-san, who looks great with the jacket and live performance with the wind instruments such as the trumpet and saxophone. He showed the cool stage continuously in this live.


However, Yoshino-san showed the usual himself after the song, and showed unpretentious talk. This kind of gap in good way is one of the charming point of Yoshino-san.

By the way, he welcomed the fans with 「Welcome to Maihama!」 and hinted that the tour is final by saying 「How many times you laughed and cried, it would be the last time to charge」, then excited the fans with 「But it’s not the end! There must be a new start」 .


● Touched by Singing while Playing Guitar

The most memorable moment during the tour this time is the 6th song 「Aruite Ikou」. He played the guitar while singing that he started practicing this year.

With the sound of guitar, he sang 「Aruite Ikou」, and it must resonated the fans’ hearts.

During the 7th song 「Do it」, he did call and response with the fans and the stage is united. The song, with alcohol as the theme, Yoshino-san added a little gag, 「Let’s heated up, even if you’re underage!」 and caused laughter in the hall.

9th song 「Hey My Girls」, Namikawa Daisuke making a sudden appearance and surprised the fans! Then, a unit by both of them 「Uncle Bomb」, sang their songs. The first song which is a new song 「Minami-ku Love Romance」 surprised the fans. It was a duet song between man and woman that can feel Showa. Namikawa-san sang the male part while Yoshino-san female part. Yoshino-san’s female outfit was so cute, the fans unintentionally fascinated!?


「Uncle Bomb」 2nd song 「Yeah Oh!!」 is a song that is suitable for straightly heating up the live. Everyone there would call out 「yeah oh!!」 with them repeatedly. It’s likely to become a popular song in the future lives.

Afterwards, he sang such as 「Samishigariya no Ballad」 and 「Dream Flag」 with gorgeous performance. He showed a stage that answers the fans’ expectation.

In the encore, he sang his new song 「\Wasshoi/」 for the first time. Yoshino-san also taught the call for 「\Wasshoi/」 to the fans, which will be released in the future. The fans responded with fullest to the unexpected yet happy request.


Thus, Yoshino-san’s 1st Live Tour “Charge” ended. Even though 1st Live Tour with full of Yoshino-san’s charm ended, but for the fans, it’s with a content that can expect a 「new beginning」.

■ Kiramune Presents Yoshino Hiroyuki 1st Live Tour “Charge”


M1 レディースアンドジェントルメン (Ladies and Gentlemen)
M3 ブルーラグーンに恋して (Blue Lagoon ni Koi Shite)
M4 White Winter Tale
M6 歩いていこう (Aruite Ikou)
M7 Do it
M8 マイペース (My Pace)
M9 Hey My Girls
M10 港区ラブロマンス (Minato-ku Love Romance) / (Uncle Bomb)
M11 Yeah Oh!! / (Uncle Bomb)
M12 Discover
M13 74R
M14 さみしがりやのバラード (Samishigariya no Ballad)
M15 グッバイ (Goodbye)
M16 ドリームフラッグ (Dream Flag)
M17 Anthem

EN1 \わっしょい/ (\Wasshoi/)
EN2 メドレー (Medley)

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Kiramune Official Twitter

Source: animate.tv
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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