[STAFF BLOG] 2015.07.29 「KiraFes 2015」 Report!

We will report on「KiraFes 2015」 that was held on May 9 and 10 in Yokohama Arena.

KiraFes 2015 begins with Namikawa-san with a light set of image of chandelier and he started with singing 「Recollection」.

After every member has appeared on the stage once, during the talk corner when every members is on the stage,
they got heated up with the talk such as the dream they saw the day before and more. Then Trignal started the second half with 「Itoshisa no Contrast」.

Stormy second half ended with Kakihara-san 「Saichaina」 and the venue is fill with green and pink penlight
that makes people reminiscent the cherry blossoms.

During the encore, they did a fun collaboration performance between members which they also did last year, it received even higher cheer from the fans despite the long live.

This dream stage, KiraFes 2015, that spent main event and encore ended with the usual songs from all members.

For everyone who came to watch the live.
Thank you very much!
※ KiraFes 2015 DVD and BD expected to release on early Spring 2016.

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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