[BLOG] 2015.09.07 Kamiya Hiroshi-san 『First Live』 in Makuhari Messe – Fujikawa Misa (Terase Kyoko) Report!

Kamiya Hiroshi-san
First live in Makuhari Messe

It seems it was his first live alone.

A touching message. It was a great performance that strikes at the heart.

Kamiya-san said
「It’s so that the audiences would be happy」
I think that only with those feelings, he threw his all into his performance.

Feelings so clear that you can’t see any clouds…that’s exactly why he can drag so many people into a whirlpool of happiness.

As a performer like him, I always have something to learn from Kamiya-san’s attitude towards performing.

At the after party

I gave him the new edition of 「Spiritual Horoscope 2016」

To me who said that 「I would be happy if he’d just read it」,

he said 「no, no, don’t say that…」 and took a photo with me and the book.


The one who went to the live with me was, of course, Aoni Production’s Okiayu-san.

He’s my friend from the internet radio 「Osha 5」 where I was invited as a guest.


Kamiya-san, thank you very much for the memory of your impressive performance.

You’ve worked hard!


Source: Fujikawa Misa Blog
Translation: shyuu (Kiramune☆Stars)


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