[BLOG] 2015.09.28 Even Today

One week already

So fast

Today last week was Yaon live

It was a bit cloudy and feel of wetness comparing to today

Heart beating and excitement comes in earlier than planned and it came even earlier that day. Flying man…



I’m glad it was sunny

It was leaking when rehearsal
and it was real thrill
I heard that there are people who sang along when hearing me singing
I’m so happy


It looks like this when looking from the top of light tower
I knew it would happen when climbing up during the live, I got bruise on the leg after bumping to it. I’m looking at the lightly scab even now.
So gross (laugh)

I was able to see the amazing scenery though.


I feel emotion filled out when I look at it, even if I’m with others

The result of “I really had fun”

I really had fun, thank you!

I felt empty the next day, but the band members came to meet me and had meal together
I can feel the tears dropping

The time already passed a while, but thank you for everyone who gave me best time-!
Let’s hang out again sometimes!

Without thinking, a feeling of letting me expressed outdoors with my whole body.



Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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