[BLOG] 2015.10.08 New programme

As we plunge into the month of October, a new programme starts! We have different programmes every season but this season

We filmed this recently

At Wangan Studio


It’s a programme called Kiramune Company
It’s a one-hour programme where the audience can view
I’m hosting their programme alongside Yocchin Paisen (senior)

And the guest is Okamoto-kun!

The theme of this special programme is an office setting through and through.


If this goes well we may even have this as a regular TV programme

If it becomes a regular programme, we may have the other Kiramune members join us on the show too

This show will be broadcast in November and we will inform you when the time comes.

Go tell your friends about Fuji TV Next, and do be sure to use our hashtag #kiraカン on twitter (laugh)
We’re counting on you!

Looking back on this recording, I realized that I was the only one wearing short sleeves

But that’s okay

I wore a jacket over it anyway

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: EternalEmerald (Kiramune☆Stars)


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