[BLOG] 2015.10.29 Reading

Saturday and Sunday was yearly Reading.

The weather is

The mood is sunny too

We had different cast team for the same story as double cast
So it’s like two teams

After their own part is done

Okamoto who waits for his turn
The later team is clear team

This person too

He is fully prepared, it seems ^ ^

Photo before the real stage

Wait, that’s not the full cast


Now it’s full (^O^)/

The casts with the same role at the backstage


It becomes different with different casts even though the script is the same. The stage is something you can feel that!
Everyone, thank you very much!

It became full of photos of another team
My own team will be up many on fan club diary, so pardon me m(_ _)m

I heard the temperature will get a lot lower today
I will get more energetic for recording

Let’s try our best!!

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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