[NEWS] 2015.11.14 Reading Live This time Charmed With Human x Sound x Light x Video x Action! Kiramune presents Reading Live 『OTOGI Kyoushikyoku』

Kiramune Reading Live (abbreviated “Re-Rai”) that started in 2012. It’s the 4th time this year, which held on October 24 (Saturday), 25th (Sunday) at Chiba Maihama Amphitheater. The director is Masami Itou from Shingidan MUMEI classics/bpm this year too. There were 4 shows total including day and night shows. We report on the night part of October 25 (Sunday), the final day of reading live!


Casts: October 25      night show
Okamoto Nobuhiko / Kakihara Tetsuya / Kimura Ryohei / Nojima Hirofumi / Miyata Kouki / Yoshino Hiroyuki

■ “Fairy tale World” as Described by Kiramune Members

Re-Rai this year is based on fairy tale. The cast are Okamoto Nobuhiko-san (Tadano Tarou), Kakihara Tetsuya-san (Urashima Tarou), Kimura Ryohei-san (Momotarou), Nojima Hirofumi-san (Ao oni/Blue Demon), Miyata Kouki-san (Aka oni / Red Demon) and Yoshino Hiroyuki-san (Kintarou).


The story happens in Otogi (Fairy Tale) world that features characters from various fairy tale stories. One day, a boy called Tadano Tarou slipped into Otogi world. Having no memory of who he is, Tadano Tarou meets such as Urashima Tarou and Kintarou through Otogi-sho (letters). According to them, the people living in Otogi world, when the real world creates fairy tale stories, the world here and the characters would born. So in the “Otogi Word”, to erase the fairy tale that increase, in order to make a vacancy, fairy tale survival is being held, Tadano Tarou has to participate…that kind of story.


Miyata-san as Red Demon (Aka oni) and Nojima-san as Blue Demon (Ao oni), who appeared from the beginning showed mysterious and powerful acting that drawn the audiences into the story. Okamoto-san, as Tadano Tarou, is the main character of the story and acts in natural tone, there’s also colorful characters appearing like Kakihara-san as Urashima Tarou, who speaks in Kabuki tone, Yoshino-san as Kintarou, who is from the countryside, Kimura-san as Momotarou, who is a real hero, that the audiences laugh with joy and clap to them.


■ A Powerful Stage with Passionate Acting by the Casts and Attractive Various Stage Effects

The stage this time includes rapid progress of the performance using Human x Sound x Light x Video x Action, so the stage looks 3D. Not just using the color that the casts wear for the characters and items, the fans enjoyed the show with the casts’ voices, expression, action in visual sense.


Also during the battle scene, the use of risers and lasers showed the active performance to charm the audiences. Every time when the scenes changed, the audiences awed and cheered. The story progresses as light taste with laughter elements, serious side that shows characters’ deep darkness begins. Changing from the casts’ comical performance, the gap that changed to seriousness overwhelmed the audiences.


At the end of the story, the 6 casts also play the game 「Finding Demon ONISAGASHI~Who is the liar?」. We can see the casts seriously into the games not just being a character, and heated the stage.


■ From Casts to Fans ~ Passionate Message Towards Reading Live

During the greeting after the act, Kimura-san said, 「In Kiramune, we usually do music activities, but to be able to do something similar to our professions with Kiramune members, wonderful guests and wonderful staff members to show in front of everyone is a really happy chance. Please keep supporting us!」 to show the happiness of ending it.

Okamoto-san, which his character was by different cast in afternoon show, described the difference, 「Each character is not duplicated is very cool, and the result is different overall. Ryohei-san commented yesterday that 「If afternoon show and evening show were to mix together, it might really be ‘Re-Rai’」. I also think so!」 to discuss about what Re-Rai should be.


Yoshino-san said, 「We are at the place where it’s most nearest to our real profession. We do want to introduce more to the job that act using the script. We also have fun acting with various people including the guests. We delivered with casts that are near age group, I would like to be able to work with different age group and show that to everyone!」 to show his wish to do more Re-Rai.

Kakihara-san said, 「This year I was able to do until here, next year what kind of reading would it be, so I would like to do something more that make everyone enjoy in the future. Everyone, please come again, Thank you very much!」 to show expectation and promise to next time, and the live ended.


A performance that is suitable for voice actors, they heated the performance elegantly. Also the fans’ passion… We were able to see the miracle of putting both of them together to cause chemical reaction through 『OTOGI Kyoushikyoku』. Like Kakihara-san mentioned, let’s be excited to see what they would create in the future!


Source: animate.tv
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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