[BLOG] 2016.02.20 28

I have become 28 years old.
Thank you for many wishes, everyone.
Very grateful from the bottom of my heart.

I was in practice during my birthday, February 19 this year.
It became dark, and Shichinosuke-san brought the cake by surprise along with the piano.
I was gathered by wonderful staff and cast members and I grew up to more mature person. I’m so happy.

ETERNAL CHIKAMATSU, it’s a very powerful act.
It would be a waste if you don’t watch it, I think.
Instead of “waste”, it’s not good.
How should I say it. I’ve never seen this.
Mysterious appeal, strength and fragility.
It cannot be explained well if you don’t come and watch it.
Please share the moment with me.

It’s a new challenge for myself.
Twists and turns.
It’s a repeat of beaten and standing up.
I finally see the light. Good.
I’m going to trust myself that I can do it.
It’s a fight from here.
To the very end, even a millimeter ahead.

Start of 28 years old.
It’s shivering.


It’s 20th today.
Happy birthday, Yuuichi-kun*\(^o^)/*


The photo is to celebrate Yuuichi-kun, Aya-san, and Irino-kun.

Source: Irino Miyu Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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