[NEWS] 2015.12.13 「I want to cherish all of the people’s feelings that are coming to the live, wondering what they will wear and what time they should head out to come」 Kakihara Tetsuya-san’s 3rd Solo Live Report

The voice actor, Kakihara Tetsuya had the first day of his performance of 「Kakihara Tetsuya 3rd Live Tour “AtoZ”」 in Chiba MAIHAMA Amphitheater, on the 21st of November. Approximately one year since his last solo performance, centering around the compositions compiled for his 1st Full Album 「orange」 that was released on the 28th of October, he performed condensing the entertainment. He expressed his gratitude for his fans continuous support for 5 whole years, and he also conveyed the decision to have more live performances from here on after.


■ With the impact of Kakihara-san’s live performance the curtains begin to open!

Kakihara-san appears slowly beneath the stage. The live was a mix from numbers with a refreshing fragrance like a spring breeze to beats with a racing rock heat performed one after the other! After the MC, not only he sing a song, but also he expressed that he would like to show a video production with explosive power and an episode. Being ahead of schedule, almost without preparation, the 1st performance takes off and he reveals the movie production’s inside story, 「I don’t usually do this, but bursting open like this, is fun!」 he said happily.



After that, a green laser beam mixes in, and he passionately sings with a combination of coolness and aggression, jumping up on stage, riding on a rail car from one side of the stage to another, sending forward his smile, and midway, instead of taking out the band members in the center, they were showed using a stereoscopic staging effect, they concentrated on design to make a performance where anyone could have a happy vibe directed by Kakihara-san. Once the first part of the live finished, he threw off the everyday restraints and make it possible for everyone to freely enjoy the music.



In the next MC, from this live a keyboardist was introduced to the band members. Furthermore, in the album 『orange』 the band members were told 「Now, you are the image of Kakihara Tetsuya」, they would be working with songs that began to soak in the role, so 「There might be some shy band members, but I want to root for those who would have to stick through for the tour」. It’s been 5 years since Kakihara-san started music activities, of course Kakihara-san, fans, and band members’ bonds was certainly can be felt.


Here Kakihara-san makes one exit. Once he enters the stage again, he has changed and is now wearing a chic navy blue jacket. As time went by, Kakihara-san’s silhouette changes and his face suddenly pulls a wry face, filled with warm feelings he continues to sing, the audience silently slanted their ears, and were soaked in those emotions.





Once again MC, the shooting of his 1st Full Album making video that was released only a few days earlier, even though he was joking just before, the moment that the pictures were being taken, he perfectly decides upon the pose and despite the embarrassed grin, that scene reappears with gestures. As Kakihara-san quick-wittedly and agilely decides upon poses, a loud cheer burst out in the venue.


At this point on, the section moves on to the band playing that overflows with energy. That’s where Kakihara-san’s glamorous voice fills the venue with color, raising the audience’s energy with upbeat songs. After some time the stage platform begins to ascend, and Kakihara-san continues to sing dynamically with all his body and soul. Nobody thought that the same passion from the first day of the tour would be preserved during the second day! With such energy and vigor during the staging, the audience shouted out in encouragement!

■ When he conveys the words 「Lives is a Date」, Kakihara-san’s fans thoughts begin to overflow!


After the end of one of the songs, he asks 「Can I change clothes here?」 and he tries to change by wearing a hooded sweatshirt, but not being able to put it on properly, some of the staff show up to help him out. The gap between his imposing figure during the live and this is what makes him so fascinating……! Again the MC, responsible in 「KiraFes」 that was held a few days prior, Kakihara-san was able to sing 「Saichaina」 leaving a deep impression on everyone.

This time, finding the chance to include the album’s title 『orange』, 「Surely, there are other ways I would like to use or other ways it should be used, but I was able to use this title nonetheless」 he happily said in gratitude. Moreover, he said 「What should I wear today, wondering what time we will go, even if I won’t be able to keep an important promise, I want to keep the feelings of the people who will come」 and the feeling that Kakihara-san always raise up about 「Live is a Date」 too. He tried to express how important it was in order for the fans to enjoy the live, for them to savor the moment, and that Kakihara-san considers it important to him to meet with his fans. Using such honest words, reaching the fans feelings is how he made them probably think 「I want to come to another of his lives again!」.


From that MC, 「This is a song that expresses the gratitude that I feel for the people who have walked beside me for the last 5 years」 he shouted out as he performed the song, on a stage bathed in orange, the audience area engulfed in the blooming colors of green and orange glow sticks, that spectacle seemed as if 「Kakihara-san and his fans feelings blended together and slowly nestled close to each other to become one」. At the end of the live, confetti whirled up and fell stretching out across the venue along with Kakihara-san’s clear singing voice coming to a close, and as the fans cheered loudly, Kakihara-san exited the stage.


On that day, it was announced that 「Kakihara Tetsuya 5th Anniversary Live “my live my time”」 would be held next year on the 7th of February. The venue will be Kakihara-san’s favorite, MAIHAMA Amphitheater. 「I would like to celebrate with everyone the 5 year anniversary」 Kakihara-san expressed. It’s the feelings that he put into the title of his live performance rather than to the songs of his 1st Mini Album. That’s how without fail he decided upon a place. Now, until the day of the next 「Date」, he would like to keep everyone excited.


Source: animate.tv
Translation: Izumi Ishida + clstmk (Kiramune Stars)


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