[NEWS] 2016.04.07 The First 「Kiramune Company」 Narration WIll be Done by Kimura Ryohei


First narration to 「Kiramune Company R」, which will be aired on Fuji TV NEXT on April 15 (Friday) 22:00 will be done by Kimura Ryohei.

「Kiramune Company」, a show by voice actors that belongs to Kiramune for Kiramune fans, anime fans, and voice actors fans which was their first show and was aired in single episodes has finally became regular broadcast starting April with two editions: Regular R and Digest L (Little), R has 90 minutes each episode in volume, while L, which contains 30 minutes digest, includes full of off shot clips.

There’s a live feeling because of public recording form, and full of talk and realness of Kiramune voice actors that can see only in this show! The first guest who is suitable for the regular show is Kamiya Hiroshi. Uncle Bomb, Kiramune Company President and Secretary combination will challenge Kamiya, Kiramune Company Chairman, in talk.

Second guest has already been announced, which is Kiramune Company Senior Managing Director Irino Miyu.

Source: ota-suke
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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