[NEWS] 2016.04.12 Kamiya Hiroshi to Guest Appear on Voice Actor Variety Show 「Kira Kan」!

After having 3 irregular broadcasts, 「Kiramune」 label, consists of popular voice actors, variety show 「Kiramune Company」 will start its regular broadcast on April as monthly show on Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium!

The host is, like before, Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki. The guest for first time is Kamiya Hiroshi, who received 5-years in a row Most Voted Award of 10th Annual Seiyuu Awards and Hall of Fame.

The show is set under the company called 「Kiramune Company」. President Namikawa Daisuke and Secretary Yoshino Hiroyuki talk with the guests, the workers, as well as challenging on improvisational dubbing. The show is under public recording form, and many voice actors fans on the audience seats were in excitement since before recording starts.

Kamiya, the guest this time, entered president’s room as chairman, and suddenly started a short drama. This caused the stage in cheer. Under the name of Periodic Meeting, Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki will ask Kamiya Hiroshi will as several questions to start the talk. Under the name of Research, they do improvisational dubbing there using the topics given, as well as ad lib to make audiences laugh.


The hosts Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki, guests Kamiya Hiroshi commented after the recording.

――How was the recording this time?
Namikawa: felt relaxed to arrive first regular recording. I was happy that Kamiya-kun guest appeared, even though his character is Chairman, he was a good friend of mine since before, so I wished to show his real self even if it’s just a bit. I would like to relax like before while having fun while recording even if the show became a regular show.

Yoshino: Basically, it’s the same as before, which we welcome guests and have fun doing the show. First guest was Kamiya-kun, so personally the age is near and was a companion who does the same work, so it felt reassuring. When I asked one thing, Kamiya-kun would control everything and talk until the end, so I felt being helped the most. Kamiiya-kun is very serious and talk seriously, so what he said was very important, but I wished to deliver pass to bring out black side of him more (laugh).

Kamiya: It’s my first time to appear in this kind of TV show, so I didn’t know how to act while entering the studio. I felt peace in mind because the hosts were two of them and will surely have a fun recording. I was nervous about the beginning short drama and talk, I felt usual self at the moment the show started, so I had fun. Because of the trust between us, I think I was able to talk about something I don’t talk about usually.

――What’s your thought on the future show?
Namikawa: There are different color to the guests, so it’s best for them to be freedom. From that, I would like to think about how to get what kind of essense out. To my surprise, Yocchin senpai (Yoshino) would “throw bomb” sometimes, so it’s something I look forward to (laugh). Also, I would like to do something that it’s “the TV”. I would like to make a show that make people think “who are these old guys?”, but still watch it to see what happens anyways.

Yoshino: President (Namikawa) will do whatever he should do (laugh). Regular show just begun, so it’s important to maintain it.

Kamiya: Different from the event, the show makes possible on concentrating on the personal part of the guests, we can see many things we couldn’t see normally. Even though it’s mainly for people who like Kiramune, it would be awesome to pass that limit and get many people to watch through the two hosts leading. The future guests (Kiramune Company workers), just come to the studio without thinking anything.


「Kiramune Company R (Regular R) #1」
April 15 (Friday) 10:00-11:30 PM Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium Broadcast
* Also Streaming on On Demand Fuji TV NEXT smart

「Kiramune Company L (Digest L (Little) & Off shot) #1」
April 30 (Saturday) 11:30 PM -0:00 AM  Fuji TV TWO Drama Anime Broadcast
* Also Streaming on On Demand Fuji TV TWO smart

Source: Walker+
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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