[TWITTER] 2016.05.13~2016.05.20 Kiramune Company Ep. 2 & Ep. 3

Kiramune Company R Episode 2 finally screened today at 1:23pm! Company President Namikawa and Secretary Yoshino got tossed around by Senior Managing Director Irino. It’s packed with excitement! http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramuner/

Today, Kiramune Company with Kimura Ryohei as the guest is starting soon! For today’s episode, we’ve returned to the Company President’s office! The number of ornaments has increased! Can you tell which is the newly added ornament? We welcome all our studio guests today!

We’ve finished the recording for Kiramune Company Episode 3, with Kimura Ryohei! For all the guests who attended the recording today, thanks for bearing with us till late! We got quite a lot of good vibes from Kimura-san! Yoshino-san really leveled up this round! And Namikawa-san was funny as usual (laughs)

Source: @fujitvkirakan 1 + 2 + 3
Translation: EternalEmerald (Kiramune☆Stars)


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