[STAFF BLOG] 2016.04.14 Uncle Bomb 1st EVENT “1 Channel” Report!

Uncle Bomb’s first event was held for two days at Maihama Amphitheater. How fun is it……!? The anticipation is filled on the stage even before the start.


The two of them appeared in suit! 「Kiramune Company」 by President Namikawa and Secretary Yoshino that decided for regular broadcast is on the business trip at Maihama Amphitheater. They answered questions that the 「audiences」 on the stage gave like 「who would get drunk first?」.


Talk corner with improvised acting had continuous laughter with 「Can exchange contact information 100% with any ladies」. Namikawa-san gets cringed at “very stubborn” lady by Yoshino-san.


The air changed with reading part. The two act out men who progresses with the road of the life with the separate crossroad heatedly causing touching claps.


After the reading, live part started as they sang 「stand by」. A song to cheer on people who lives even if they have worries. The reliable band members appeared and the stage is in festive mood. 「Party Star」 heated up with the matching dance.


Namikawa-san’s 40th birthday lies on the first day of the event. Chocolate cake was delivered during the talk event, which it’s already know to the birthday star…The real surprise is during the live.


Yoshino-san playing a guitar while singing the song Namikawa-san write lyric to 「Naritai Aritai」as a surprise gift! The audiences sang together. The song he wrote to thank everyone is delivered to himself, he is touched and commented 「there’s no other blissful thing than this」.


The space filled with love and laughter that only two of them can create. It became a best night to open up the door to the unit!

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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