[STAFF BLOG] 2016.04.22 Yoshino Hiroyuki 『CYCLE』 Release Event Report! & Live Tour 2016 Public Pre-Selling Announcement!

Yoshino Hiroyuki-san’s 『CYCLE』 release event was held this February. The event this time started from Yokohama, then Nagoya and Osaka. The content was talk and handshake!

The illustration of “Yoshino-san” by animate Yokohama store welcomed the costumers. The store staff members drew the illustration on the white board at the backstage!

Yoshino-san also did some addition.

The event started with harmonious atmosphere.
He talked about the concept of the album for the production of the songs.
A Making clip of CD covers and music video and episodes were streamed.

The below are a sneak peak of each stage!

Nagoya Event

Osaka Event

Osaka Event

Memorable shots after the event.

Yokohama Event

Nagoya Event

Osaka Event

Thank you very much to everyone who came to the event!


It was announced at the event that there will be “Yoshino Hiroyuki Live Tour 2016” to commemorate 2nd single release!

The public pre-selling of the ticket is available starting April 23 (Saturday) 12:00!
Please check Kiramune official HP for the place, date, and more details about the ticket!

2nd single for the live is currently in production!

Please check it out if you are interested even a little bit♪

Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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