[NEWS] 2016.06.08 Tonight’s Fuji TV 「Tsuginaru TV」 to Broadcast Kiramune’s Own Show That Features Kamiya Hiroshi and More


「Tsuginaru TV-G [Kiramune Company]」 will be broadcast on Fuji TV tonight 27:00.

「Tsuginaru TV-G」 is a show that introduces popular contents on Fuji TV ONEsmart / TWOsmart / NEXTsmart. The MC has changed to Chotokkyuu’s 6th Train Yuusuke-san starting April.

「Tsuginaru TV-G [Kiramune Company]」 will broadcast digest version of 「Kiramune Company」 #1, which was male voice actors artist label 「Kiramune」 own show that was broadcasted on April 15 on Fuji TV NEXT. It is a good news for those who are unable to watch on Fuji TV NEXT.

「Kiramune Company」 happens like public recording style so that the audiences can feel the feeling of live. The talk and real face can only be seen in this variety show. The guest for the memorable first episode of regular show is Kamiya Hiroshi. President Namikawa Daisuke-san and secretary Yoshino Hiroyuki from Uncle Bomb will challenge chairman Kamiya Hiroshi in the talk.

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Tsuginaru TV-G – Fuji TV

Source: Ota-suke
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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