[BLOG] 2016.05.03 Angry Waves

I wonder what is a good way to pass the Golden Week

It might seem like a short time, but be careful because of the intense rain and winds that are supposed to run through the Japanese archipelago

The waves this weekend were also quite strong
They started from friday night in Okayama, and the Fan Meeting in Kurashiki was the next day

This time’s members were here freely

We used the really hu~ge backstage

That’s nice
He’s concentrating

That’s nice
He just noticed

That’s nice
So cute!

What the!

Anyway, the event also went by with us being able to do want we want.
I was able to sing ELEVATION.
I would be happy if you come to like it.

I was liked by insects.

Thank you everybody!!

Also, from the next day on, I will start my solo Release Event.
I will be taking the airplane to get there.
And also repeating the same pattern on a later date.

I will be bothering people at the Tokyo International Youth World Congress of Soccer in the Komazawa stadium tomorrow.
In relation with DAYS, we will have a charity and talk for the Kumamoto earthquake.
I’m expecting from everyone to make this the best! o(^_-)O

Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: Izumi Ishida + BinKa (Kiramune Stars)


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