[TWITTER] 2016.04.30 Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI

Kimura Ryohei participated in the 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI」! Thank you very much for coming.

And here are also two shots with Kakihara-san!!

【From the staff】(Information on Kakihara Tetsuya)
Today’s event of 『Kiramune Fan Meeting in Kurashiki』 has successfully come to an end!
Thank you to everyone who come and participated at the event!

『Kiramune Fan Meeting in Kurashiki』A big thank you to all of you who participated in this event!
How was the combination of AB blood type & B blood type people that work at their own pace, on the stage that night? I had a ton of fun! (laugh)
I will come again next time! Okayama!!!

Source: @himawari_press 1 | @Ryouhey_Drunk 1 | @zynchrostaff 1
Translation: Izumi Ishida (Kiramune Stars)


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