[TWITTER] 2016.06.04~2016.06.05 Kiramune Music Festival 2016 Day 1

Finally arrived to hotel!
I will rest for a bit. After that, it’s the real show…

I will go to sleep! Let’s have fun at Saitama Super Arena tomorrow-! I will get you guys have fun-^_−☆

@namidai0402 Let’s do our best starting tomorrow. I will do it with energy! I will try my best! ^ ^

Good morning ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ It’s finally first day of 『Kiremune Music Festival 2016』 in Saitama Super Arena!!
I will put my effort to try my best in order to feel the fun~~ (^◇^)
Please be careful coming to the arena!
We will be waiting

[Anipla Shibuya PARCO Shop]
Finally arriving, it’s today! For KiraFes 2016 on 4th and 5th, Anipla limited goods will be sold at the arena★Regularly you have to make a reservation at the cafe to obtain them…! http://www.adores.jp/anipla/kiramune-sb/ #kiramune

We are visiting KiraFes today! Let’s have fun together! #Kiraカン

KiraFes ended! We were able to greet President Namikawa and secretary Yoshino. Please try your best too, in the long show tomorrow! Please have fun for those who are going tomorrow! #Kiraカン

First day of KiraFes 2016 has ended safely. Thank you for everyone who attended-! Everyone’s power that drink up TamaAre (Saitama Arena), it was the best. We will have fun, too, tomorrow!

I had fun during KiraFes~, Tetsuya Kakihara was very cool.

[KiraFes 2016] First day ended safely nya. Thank you nya for those who came today☆Let’s have fun nyan for those who are coming to tomorrow’s show♪ #kiramune

Thank you very much for coming to first day of KiraFes! The scenery was the best. Saitama Super Arena is the best(^з^)-☆ Let’s have fun tomorrow, too!!!!

First day of Kiremune Music Festival 2016 in Saitama Super Arena ended~~~~ ψ(`∇´)ψ
Those who came, did you have fun?
Thank you for the many “hey! hey!” (^_−)−☆
We will have fun tomorrow, too~~~~*\(^o^)/*

This is Iwata. I went to watch KiraFes today. I will not say the content for spoiler, juniors really tried their best. Especially the growth of the younger ones really touched me. For those who went today! It was beautiful, right~. For those who will go tomorrow! Please have fun!

First day of KiraFes has ended! I sweated so much. I will sweat tomorrow, too. Please have fun! Please have fun for those who are coming tomorrow-(^ー^)ノ

KiraFes 2016.

What color does cyalume that everyone waves has.
It’s pretty that the color changes depending on the person who sing.

Also! KiraFes that I went for the first time was fun de arimasu! Thank you very much de arimasu! Please have fun for those who are going tomorrow~! #キラフェス2016 #kiramune #ポップコーン食べた

After Saitama Super Arena, I went to eat, then come back home to see this time. I heard from Yonaga-san that KiraFes is 6 hours, I thought it would heat up, and in the end it was a 5 hours and 30 minutes live. What a fan service. It would make me lower my head.

Source: @zonodearimasu 1 | @namidai0402 1 + 2 | @Sp_relativity 1 | @numanumakapa 1 + 2 | @ad_anipla 1 | @fujitvkirakan 1 + 2 | @Ryouhey_Drunk 1 | @MutsukiShuhei 1 | @Kiramune_twit 1 | @egutakuya 1 | @Kanata6Info 1 | @kentarock396 1 + 2 | @5mizo_taku9 1 | @eijingotanda 1
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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