[BLOG] 2016.06.06 I’m Touched by Kamiya Hiroshi-san’s Stage during KiraFes 2016 Saitama Super Arena!!

Saitama Super Arena

✨『KiraFes 2016』✨
I’ve enjoyed it!!

Kamiya Hiroshi-san, and
Kiramune members
charm people for 5 hours through sing and perform!!

Kamiya-san’s stage that gathered with various interests!!
The force that run fully
I’ve defeated

I’ve greeted him after the show♡

I’m sure he is very tired,
But he answered with smile…
I felt very very sorry about that

『I’ve touched to the extend that I shed tears!!
Really, thank you for always
It was a wonderful stage, the feeling is packed in my heart』

I told him with excitement

『There are things seniors left for us that we are able to do it!!』

He said those words that is very too good for me…

『I want to be someone who Kamiya-san can call 『seniors』 with confidence!! I’m going to try my best!!』

I, Terase Kyoko, decided firmly!!

The attitude that Kamiya-san perform,
is something that cannot find word other than respect,
it doesn’t matter with being senior or junior!!

『To attack with full soul, in order to make customers happy!』

I can feel Kamiya-san’s pureness, which doesn’t have any shadow♡

Thank you very much for letting me see wonderful stage!!


Source: Terase Kyoko Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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