[BLOG] 2016.06.07 I love this path

KiraFes 2016 has ended safely.
For those who supported us, thank you very much.
For those who came to the event, did you have fun?

I talked about it there too, but I felt fun at a moment.

KiraFes 2009 that didn’t understand because there are many first times and tried challenging.
That moment was surely fun.
I’ve thought about not wanting to fail, wanting to think good, wanting to do well for the main part…
I thought what’s “wanting to do well” (laugh)
There was a feeling that I “tied up my performance”.
The feeling grows when there are many failures and success…
There are time I didn’t do well.

However, I think I felt relieved from this feeling recently.

Stage, live, anime, still, radio… things I saw through “world”.
I changed somehow by lots of experiences and meeting.

Professionals’ efforts, facing the work, challenging.
To feel those personally was huge!
They also failed many times! (laugh)
But it’s not about showing well.
Just purely wanting to put the work well or to have fun, or show well.

“Pure” from the heart.

What I felt is what many people feel.
I felt that they also shoulder everything including those.

When I saw them, I though why did I get tied up by these stupid things. (laugh)

It’s not easy just by seeing and feeling, either.
Finally, finally.
I finally felt the fun in 7th year of KiraFes.
I’ve stepped one step forward to this pure feeling.

Did you feel?

Because everyone looks for me.
Asks for me.
I can be more and more glutenous.
Everyone feel my own possibilities.

Album will release in the Winter.
It will be full of everyone up until now. With the people I like so much, and new meeting, it is currently in production!!

One big thing-ish! Will be that feeling.

I will continue challenging.


Source: Irino Miyu Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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