[BLOG] 2016.06.07 KiraFes 2016

KiraFes 2016 was held on Saturday and Sunday

It’s a festival that all members gather to make a noise

You can say it’s a “specialty” that lasted more than 5 hours of long show

Personally it was my first time there

Saitama Super Arena!

It’s because you guys cheer for us with full power that we can fully challenge

I felt explosive energy there

However, are you a monster enough to have so much power?


And thank you m(_ _)m

Before start

I sent off someone

3 minutes before start

Among the top batters, there are few people who are ready


There’s only one (myself) who looks like he just woke up^ ^

These three did an awesome start

KiraFes that piles up each member’s personality

The one I used up most of the power is

Collaboration song that I did with Kamiya-kun before reverse bungee

Kamiya-kun kept running while singing
To cheer that, I had to keep running!

But… it’s just…

I already have metal fitting around my body called harness already for reverse bungee

I cannot close my thigh
It’s being gasha gasha

But it’s polite towards Kamiya-kun and those who cheer us to fully do it

You must laughed at me for how weird I ran

KiraFes that created by staff, members, dancers and those who came to watch the event

Really! Thank you very much!!

A bit different

Tomo-kun who always played bass when singing solo also came to cheer for me

I look like I just came out of shower^ ^

He cried for the songs he wrote lyric and composed while singing
I’m so happy

Kim Niyanoto-san  also came

I couldn’t take many photos this time…
I’m going to take more memories next time^_-☆

See you-(^ー^)ノ


Source: Namikawa Daisuke Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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