[TWITTER] 2016.06.05~2016.06.06 Kiramune Music Festival 2016 Day 2

After a raging first day of KiraFes, it is the final day without noticing.
It will be final show of KiraFes 2016.
Please check the important notes without forgetting something when coming. #kiramune

I’ve finally woke up. I have received break today. I’m sorry I’ve left in the middle of second round. It seems like I’ve reached the limited. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that tired. The tiredness told me this reality of “Did KiraFes 2016 really happened? It’s not a dream, right? I don’t have any reality…”

Good work everyone!
It was nice to watch the performance yesterday!
It was a really awesome performance…
I really received lots of energy from you guys!!
I can’t say this more but, great work everyone!

[KiraFes 2016] It’s second day of KiraFes-nya! Please check if you have the ticket and the ID to check before entering-nya!! It will be final today even if cried of smiled- nya. Please have fun with full energy with Kiramume members -nya♪ #kiramune

[KiraFes 2016] Two-days KiraFes at the first time ever Saitama Super Arena has ended safely-nyan! Thank you for everyone who participated nyan. We will be happy if KiraFes this time leaves a wonderful memory -nyan♪ Please continue support Kiramune -nyan. #kiramune

《STAFF》 We are currently accepting application to continuous & new fan club members at Funky Village FC Booth in front of KiraFes 2016! You can get a chance to get both stage limited bonus & citizenship ticket! Please stop by! The feeling of festive is so huge! #浪川大輔

I’ve visited KiraFes 2016!
The first time ever KiraFes at Saitama Super Arena, the stage there is packed with power uped performances from the members, and was very worth it♪ Pick-upVoice will report on KiraFes this time as cover feature and huge volume article on the issue releasing on July 26! Please stay tuned (≧∇≦)/

KiraFes has ended! It was fun!! Ok, let’s think about next thing to do. For those who had fun these two days, why not \Wasshoi/ together this summer??

Kimura Ryohei participated 「Kiramune Music Festival 2016」.
Thank you very much for coming!!

Final day of KiraFes today! Everyone, let’s have the greatest fun (^з^)-☆

Final day of KiraFes has ended safely. I will not forget that scenery. Everyone who cheered on us, thank you for leading us this far. Next up is solo live. Trignal will try out best!

It’s the second day is the final show of 『Kiremune Music Festival 2016』 in Saitama Super Arena!
I’m with power~~~~ψ(`∇´)ψ
I will put my fullest in giving you fun!
We will be waiting at the stage(^_−)−☆

『Kiremune Music Festival 2016』 in Saitama Arena that took two days!
It has ended safely, without hurting(≧∇≦)
Did you all have fun?
It was very blissful time to the extend that it ends immediately after starting I was happy to hear many cheers!

『Kiramune Music Festival 2016』 in Saitama Super Arena that was held yesterday and the day before yesterday
I have a photo that took that time
Nobugnal and Yoshino-san on the screen(^◇^)
The time flies by fast
but it was really fun

Thank you for everyone who came to 『KiraFes 2016』! I was really really blissful. You must feel the same now.
Thank you-!!!

KiraFes ended!! I’ve returned to Tokyo. My body is in Buckingham (very hard?) condition, but I want to revive m(_ _)m
Everyone, truly thank you very much!!

Namikawa-san, thanks for your hard work!!!
It was an awesome show!!
It was really moving! (T ^ T)
Please enjoy yourself after the concert!!

@namidai0402 Thanks for the hard work for KiraFes! Namikawa-san who was walking, flying and rotating full with power was really wonderful! Please have a nice party today! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Thank you very much for coming to Saitama Super Arena yesterday and today!!!!
I’m thankful for the fortune.
Also, for those who are unable to meet this fortune (who didn’t go),
I will be expecting new fortune for a new meeting time…

Good morning! I’m going to Saitama Super Arena to support a friend today!

I’m going to have fun during KiraFes!!!(>_<)ノシ

KiraFes, it was really fun with sparkle…! Somehow I was recharged on various things…! Thank you KiraFes…!

Eguu’s performance was wonderful… (tears) I’ve waved yellow and light blue with full of my power

I saw sparkle in the performance by Kakihara Tetsuya-san, who voiced Mihama Kouji…
He’s green for KiraFes, it made me want to shake purple (laugh)

By the way, I’ve created live sound of opening BGM and more for KiraFes 2016 that was held at Saitama Super Arena yesterday and today. Thank you for watching.

I went to watch KiraFes @ Saitama Super Arena yesterday.
Also, I’m going to do that and that. I’m excited~

Kira Fes 2016 @ Saitama Super Arena
Done with back-up dancing (^O^)/
It was an enjoyable 2 days!
Thanks for the flowers as well (=゚ω゚)ノ
Good work everyone!!!

kiramune music festival 2016 @ Saitama Super Arena!!!!
Continuing from last year we were able to perform for this year’s show as well (≧∇≦)
It was really enjoyable, thanks to many awesome people!!

Kira Fes 2016♪♪
It was an awesome 2 days(^^)
Thank you very much!!

KiraFes 2016 @ Saitama Super Arena 2 days has ended smoothly (^^)
From the rehearsals to the actual day itself, it was fun meeting all the dancers, and they were really cheerful all the time 😎laugh
The actual performances were awesome as well ✨#キラフェス2016最高! (#KiraFes2016isawesome!)

Today at KiraFes, all our hard work has paid off 🙃
This concludes one of the bigger events for me this year~
It felt great to run around the stage, draining out all my energy 😙✨…

KiraFes 2016🎉
Ended smoothly without injuries
It was enjoyable till the end!
Thanks for letting me
Dance for KiraFes every year
I’m really thankful for it!!
To the members of Kiramune, the staff, and last but not least, my fellow dancers!
Thank you everyone!!👽✨

This year, I was given the opportunity to dance for 「KiraFes 2016」
It was an awesome performance!!!
Time passes quickly when you’re having fun eh(゚o゚;;
Thank you very much!!!!!!
My muscle aches are no joke though! laughs

Kirafes2016 was awesome! The dancers were all really interesting people, and the actual day was really enjoyable ^^
The Kiramune artists, SHIGE-san who was in charge of the show, the dancers, the staff, as well the members of the audiences, a big thank you to you all!

KiraFes 2016 has ended! I really had fun at the event, which was filled with laughter all the time. I have great memories! The atmosphere was amazing ^_^ *laughs* Let’s meet up sometime again everyone! #キラフェス

KiraFes has come!
KiraFes has attacked
37000 points damage to Yusuke!

KiraFes 2016! Watching from the sponsor’s seats, I could still see lots of king blades waving about, laugh along during the show, and feel the warmth atmosphere of the entire show.


Thanks for letting me attend KiraFes 2016!
For me, I usually am playing the bass and watching the performers’ back view. But this time, I was able to watch the show from the front.
I was totally overwhelmed by the energy of the performers.
It was, in one word,
it was fun!!

I had the opportunity to watch Kirafes 2016 @ Saitama Super Arena. Okamoto-san’s 「Lost Universe」 was awesome! I was honoured to produce the music of “Dragon Punishment”! Looking forward to composing more in future!

I heard many nice songs at KiraFes, and had a great time! Also, many cyalume waving about was a really pretty sight.

KiraFes day 2 has ended, good work everyone!
Yoshino-san, I was glad you sang “Goodbye” today!
Also, it was my first time watching the AtoB video too, it was really interesting!

@MutsukiShuhei Good work yesterday (laughs)
When it was Kakki’s turn to perform, Mutsuki-kun who was behind me, was really into the rhythm of the song, which got me thinking, 「Yeah I’m feeling the music too!」 (laughs)(laughs)

@haljun2002 Good work!
Once I heard a song I knew I’ll get all… (laughs)
Thanks for having a chat with me (^-^)/♪

Also, good work everyone who worked at the Saitama Arena show.
Yesterday, when I heard the drum part that I recorded being played at the arena, and with everyone getting high with the beat, I was rather speechless. Thank you Ouchi-kun and Tomo-kun! It’s a great song!

I was privileged to be able to attend KiraFes 2016.
The audience really filled up the entire Saitama Super Arena!
I had something to attend to halfway through, but 5 hours is amazing!

The Saitama Super Arena was packed to maximum capacity, of 35000 people! Though I only personally know Kamiya Hiroshi, the rest of the members were super popular with the audience as well. I felt really honored to create LINE stickers for such famous people! I hope to create better stickers in future! Anyway Kiramune was fun! #kiramune #神谷浩史

Sparkling Festival, it’s enjoyable! www\(^o^)/

Today, as invited by Egu, I went to KiraFes 2016! Perfomers, guests and everyone are really sparkling! It was really a wonderful event!
For shinny Egu, waved the king blade in light blue and yellow! www\(^o^)/

As you might notice occasionally, today I really enjoy myself while waving the king blade with Hamaa and Watarin! www \(^o^)/
During last encore, Watarin who sat beside me, was like You Itoto who cried at Egu’s fun and really nice expression while singing center of the stage www

After the show, I told Egu that 「he was really sparkling and I had fun watching it~!」, so he really had a nice expression www
I’m glad I was able to tell Namikawa-san who rotated in the air using wire during encore, Trignal’s Ryohei-san and Yonakyan who I didn’t meet since OreTsuba recording that I had fun www

Really relieved that Egu is really well loved, so I took a part of it when I had time www
And, the flowers with the loves that all other performers received are arranged in such manner that it was really magnificent view www

Ah, the king blade looks like blue in the photo but it’s really Trignal’s light blue colour ww
When the photo is taken during bright (as in good lighting) the yellow color appears like white color, so I edit the photo so that it will be visible as yellow but then this time it was the light blue color that appears like blue ww The yellow is visible as Egu’s color in Trignal www

[Anipla Shibuya PARCO shop]
The cancellation occurs today, we are still left with the guidance on that day!
Unfortunately there’s rain, but the day is spent being surrounded by Kiramune members♪http://www.adores.jp/anipla/kiramune-sb/ …#kiramune

[Anipla Shibuya PARCO shop]
Kiramune Cafe, the reservation for 6/18 (Sat) to 24 (Fri) will be available until 23:59 today!
Since the goods purchase is available only to Cafe customers, please apply by all means! http://www.adores.jp/anipla/kiramune-sb/ …#kiramune

Today I went to Saitama Super Arena for KiraFes.
The venue was bigger than last year, but it does not feel like that due to wonderful live.
The raw performances were really nice.
For singing the songs carefully, I was really happy!

KiraFes is the best!!
The best production and performances!!!!

Even though it just a little time, I was allowed to go to Saitama Super Arena for watching KiraFes
It was very interesting to see all different colors of voice actors and I learnt a lots
I want study by watching a lots more of stage and live!
Thank you so much for the seats
Now, I will move to next

I went to Kiramune Music Festival 2016 with Eishin today!
My seniors from high school were dancing at the back! ( ꒪⌓꒪) I had fun–!!! #キラフェス

Wow… I went to watch it… KiraFes 2016!!!!
Let me say one thing…
It was the best.
There’s no need of words. The time flies too fast. What was happened. Seniors were too cool.
Yonaga-san, I’m too excited right now.

KiraFes at Saitama Super Arena has ended safely and with a hit, it seems.
I wasn’t able to attend because of the work, but I wrote lyric, composition and arrangement to KiraFes 2016 theme song 「Bokura no Egaku Mirai」. I hope you were able to see wonderful scenery.
Thank you for those who participated!

Final day of this year’s KiraFes!
It was tiring! But I had fun~ ^ ^
Thank you for your hard work.

I went to watch Kiramune Music Festival 2016 with Keiti!
It passes so fast to the extend that I thought 「Eh! It’s already this time?」 when the event ended, we also was influenced by the stage by the great seniors in voice actors field! #キラフェス

The comment would sound offhand, cheers for the good work to Eguchi-san. It was a very fun time. Egu will continue doing Oregairu, so sorry for the readers who have been waiting for the continuation. I will be relieved if you would be willing to wait a bit longer.

I went to second day of KiraFes 2016 at Saitama Super Arena. To think that the performers perform over 5 hours of live, the preparation, power, and mentality and so on for that to sing, dance, to continue charm. The audiences’ love and energy to continue standing and wave brightly without resting. I’m glad it didn’t rain.

I went to KiraFes 2016 at SaiAri today!!
The clips this time was created by Comaden and me, it was a fun stage with stage performance (^O^)
I learned a lot!!
Dragon… lost… it’s been defeated by Nobu…

The dragon that I designed for KiraFes this time. It has been defeated by Okamoto-kun, so I’m glad♪^q^

I’ve been touched more than before during this year’s KiraFes. For Kakki, I feel nostalgic to the songs I’m still familiar with from the last live. 「I feel nostalgic even though it’s only been 6 months」 I told Mutsuki-kun. I feel touched with Haruki-san about Paisen’s Anthem, which it reminds me of first day of tour and to see his wonderful MC at the end then is sparkling here was wonderful. Namikawa-san’s high rotation & Paisen’s still image.. so cool.


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