[NEWS] 2016.07.25 Details for Kamiya Hiroshi 6th Mini Album 「Theater」 Release Event Announced

The details for the release event of Kamiya Hiroshi-san’s 6th Mini Album 「Theater」, release on August 24, which will be held on 5 cities over Japan has been announced.

● September 18 (Sunday) Somewhere in Tokyo City (400 people per show, 800 total)
● November 26 (Saturday) Somewhere in Osaka City (500 people total)
● November 27 (Sunday) Somewhere in Nagoya City (400 people total)
● December 3 (Saturday) Somewhere in Fukuoka City (200 people per show, 400 total)
● December 10 (Saturday) Somewhere in Sendai City (200 people per show, 400 total)

First Production will include a ticket to apply for the event (with serial number), and those who applied will be chosen with the numbers mentioned above for the event by lottery.

6th Mini Album that Hiroshi Kamiya-san’s particular about includes total of 6 songs: 「Fiction Factor」, 「GRAVITATION」, 「Danger Heaven?」, 「Q.E.D」, 「影もまた真なり」 and 「シアター」. Deluxe edition includes a DVD that contain music video of 「シアター」, making and trailer.

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Source: Ota-suke
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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