[NEWS] 2016.08.01 「Kiramune Company」 Odaiba Yume Tairiku Public Recording Will Be Broadcast on August 19! The Episode with Irino Miyu as Guest Will Also Broadcast Locally


The variety show that based on the members of Kiramune, music label that consists of male voice actors, 『Kiramuneカンパニー』 (currently air on CS, Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium) has held public recording at Odaiba Minna no Yume Tairiku GOLD SUMMER Stadium, and filled with the audiences’ laughter to the extend that it blew bad weather from the huge rain.

Normally Namikawa Daisuke and Yoshino Hiroyuki would welcome the guests as MC, but this time Ikuta Ryuusei announcer interviewed them. They challenged in exchanging the business card for the first time with recently made Kiramune Company business card to Ikuta announcer.

During Employees Introduction under the title of 「Kiramune Company Explanation Conference」, they revealed some episodes about Kiramune members. During 「Kiramune Reading Training」 where they try out yankee, onee, etc., Ikuta announcer would challenge in acting too. 「Acting is so hard.」 Ikuta announcer said, and Namikawa said 「it would makes you feel heartbroken, right?」. It feels like they feel the same way as working in the same voicing field.

There are also new corners, Namikawa and Yoshino ended their public recording at Yume Tairiku despite feeling lots of anxiety. Even though they were nervous at the distance between the stage and audience seat so near, they still concerns the audiences as they ask those sitting on benches 「do you feel uncomfortable?」, and felt completion commenting 「it feels good at outside stage」 despite the huge rain.

「Kiramune」 is a label that consists popular male voice actors include Kamiya Hiroshi, who received awards for 5 consecutive years with first ever Hall of Fame during 10th Annual Seiyuu Award, and Irino Miyu, who participated in recently broadcast Episode 4 of Fuji TV Drama 『Suki na Hito ga Irukoto』. Not only they are active as voice actors, they are active in wide fields such as drama appearance, event, live, variety, etc. and continues to charm many fans.

『Kiramune Company』 broadcasts regularly once per month on CS Housou Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium. The episode with their public recording at 「Odaiba Minna no Yume Tairiku」 will be broadcast on August 19 (Friday). Also, 『Kiramune Company』 will also broadcast locally on Fuji TV during 『Tsuginaru TV-G』 on August 17 (Wednesday). It will broadcast digest version of the episode featuring Irino as guest.

■ 「Kiramune Company R」 (Regular R)
Cast: Uncle Bomb (Daisuke Namikawa, Hiroyuki Yoshino), Ryuusei Ikuda (Fuji TV Announcer)
CS Housou Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium
Internet Broadcast Fuji TV NEXTsmart
Broadcast Date and Time: August 19 (Friday) 11:00pm~0:30am

■ 「Kiramune Company L」 (Digest version of Above L (Little) & Off shot)
CSHousou Fuji TV TWO Drama Anime / Internet Fuji TV TWOsmart
Broadcast Date and Time: August 27 (Saturday) 11:30pm~0:00am

■ 「Kiramune Company R」 (Digest version)
MC: Uncle Bomb (Namikawa Daisuke, Yoshino Hiroyuki)
Guest: Irino Miyu
Fuji TV (Kanto Local)
Broadcast Date and Time: August 18 (Wednesday) 3:00am~3:30 am

<How to Watch>
To watch contents from CS Housou Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium and CS Housou Fuji TV TWO Drama Anime, Internet Fuji TV TWOsmart needs to follow the necessary procedures. Please check the following link for more details.

How to Watch →http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/howto/index.html


Source: TVLIFE
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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