[BLOG] 2016.08.22 DARE TO DREAM

Second Full Album title and release date have been released!

Let’s Dream Boldly!

Something like that.
I’m attacking in this album too.
We cannot wait for tracklist reveal, right? You guys will feel “Holy Moly”. For sure.
Please wait for the details.

Also, rehearsal for Musical 「Vincent van Gogh」 is in good condition.
What’s amazing? Just watch. You will know when you watch it!
Wonderful music with gorgeous project mapping.
Also, our performance.
Please come and watch.
Please experience Gogh’s life!

Ah, it’s late.
I’ve appeared on a Monday 9PM drama
Also, the narration to special show!
Delivered by Irino Miyu~ (laugh)
The reaction was wow that it surprised me.
I’ve tried to do the acting on the screen.
Improving daily.

Friend of Disney Concert has been aired, too.
AA, it was a dreamy time.
Disney songs are magical.
Everyone has enjoyed it, too, it seems.
I’m flooded with new meetings and discovery with everything.

Let’s go bold.


Source: Irino Miyu Blog
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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