[INSTAGRAM] 2016.11.01~2016.11.02 Irino Miyu Instagram Update

Hi, this is Irino Miyu.

Since Irino Miyu 2nd Full Album will be released. I’ve started instagram for a limited time 🍙

It will just be a short time.
Please support me.



I’ve wore Fan Meeting Kanazawa T-shirt.
This is really good.
Gold and Kanji🍢
So funny.

The fan meeting Kanazawa is next week?!
Before that there’s Tokiko Iwatani Memorial Concert ~Forever~.
I’m going to sing songs songs.

Everyone, thank you for following.

#写真の転用は禁止ですよー。(Please do not use the photos without permission-.)
#入野自由 (Irino Miyu)


Source: Irino Miyu Instagram 1 + 2
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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