[TWITTER] 2016.09.20~2016.10.29 Kiramune Company #7

The recording for Kiramune Company #7 has ended! Thank you for those who came regardless of bad weather! The first guest when the show became regular Okamoto Nobuhiko-san has come back. He’s clever as always! Stay tuned for October broadcast! #Kiramune #Kiraカン

KiraKan R #7 will broadcast soon at 22:00~ on Fuji TV NEXT / NEXTsmart! It has been a while since Okamoto Nobuhiko employee has visited us! Right after that, we will rebroadcast #6, which is President Nojima Kenji episode! #Kiraカン #Kiramune http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramuner/

KiraCom R #7 will be broadcast tomorrow on 14th (Friday) 22:00~ on Fuji TV NEXT / NEXTsmart! Okamoto Nobuhiko Elite employee will try to steal Yoshino secretary’s position! #Kiraカン #Kiramune #岡本信彦 http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramuner/

KiraCom L#7 Will be aired Today at 23:30~ on Fuji TV TWO/TWOsmart! It will be an episode with Okamoto-san as guest with 30 minutes! For those who came back from Maihama Amphitheater, please do not miss it! #Kiraカン #Kiramune #岡本信彦


Source: @fujitvkirakan 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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