[TWITTER] 2016.08.23~2016.10.13 Kiramune Company #6

It was recording of Kiramune Company #6 today! It was to welcome Nojima Kenji-san as a guest. For those who are coming, please enjoy! #Kiraカン #Kiramune


Recording of Kiramune Company #6 ends! Thank you very much to those who visited us! It was the first guest besides Kiramune members, It was a deep and fun recording since he has a deep relations with the two of them because of reading lives! #Kiraカン #Kiramune


The narration for Kiramune Company #6 was Secretary Yoshino Hiroyuki! Nojima Kenji-san as guest, the broadcast for R will be September 15 and R will be September 24! #Kiraカン #Kiramune http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramuner/


\Tomorrow night, broadcast♪/
『Kiramune Company R # 6』
Cast:#浪川大輔 #吉野裕行 #野島健児
September 15 (Thursday) 10:00 pm~ on Fuji TV NEXT♪
http://goo.gl/jt1uoz #Kiraカン #スカパー


Kiramune Company R#5 #6 will be broadcast two days in a row on 14th and 15th 22:00~! Yume Tairiku rebroadcast and Nojima Kenji guest episode first broadcast! #Kiraカン #Kiramune #野島健児 http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramuner/


KiraKan L #6 will be broadcast tomorrow on 24th (Saturday) 23:30~ on Fuji TV TWO / TWOsmart! Do not missed the backstage talk with how three of them are close with Nojima Kenji-san as the guest! #Kiraカン #Kiramune http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramunel/


KiraKan R #6 w NojiKen-san guest will be rebroadcast right after #7 tomorrow on 14th (Friday) 23:30~ on Fuji TV NEXT / NEXTsmart! #Kiraカン #Kiramune #野島健児 http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/kiramuner/


Source: @fujitvkirakan 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 | @sptv_anime 1
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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