[STAFF BLOG] 2016.06.15 Kakihara Tetsuya 『Susumasero!』 CD Cover and MV Filming Report!

4th Single 『Susumasero!』 was released on June 15. We will deliver how we did CD cover & MV filming.

We did both CD and MV on the same day, so we started early morning!

It progressed well with refreshing morning sunlight.


Kakihara-san shows soft and fun expression, cameraman is also into it! He continues to press the shutter (laugh)


The step is also light! The outfit for this time is very refreshing.


Then, to the MV filming.

The set that created was suitable for the song’s concept. It causes Kakihara-san in high tension naturally!


This is him eating lunch. He’s so serious towards the “warm-up” type of lunch so we took a photo secretly (laugh)


Filming in chorus stage, and is finally at the scene that use the car.

We discovered Kakihara-san who look after the preparation! The car was so cool with classic feel!


The filming was with imitation rain…

But the real rain fell…!?

The whole staff team was surprised at the best timing!


Kakihara-san seems to be still energetic (laugh), the filming ends safely!


This single is where he actively challenged in the new genre. Please listen to it many times for it is full of new Kakihara-san’s charm!


Source: Kiramune
Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)


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