[STAFF BLOG] 2016.06.15 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI」 Report!

It is out first fan meeting at Kurashiki! So everyone is excited before the event this time. We will show a part of that! It was coincident,… the members who participated this time were only “AB type” and “B type”. … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2016.06.07 Amo questo percorso

Il Kirafes 2016 è finito in maniera serena, a tutti coloro che ci hanno supportato, li ringrazio con tutto il mio cuore. E voi che siete stati presenti, vi siete divertiti? Ne avevo già parlato in precedenza, ma è stata … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2016.06.07 KiraFes 2016

Il Kirafes si è tenuto il sabato e la domenica ed è un festival dove si riunisce gente che fa un gran casino, si potrebbe dire che è una specialità che dura più 5 ore e per me è stata … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.07.26 Pick-upVoice September Issue

みなさん、こんにちは! 本日7/26発売 Pick-upVoice 9月号の表紙巻頭Kiramune Music Festival 2016の告知ポスターが、アニメイトさん各店舗で飾ってあります!ぜひチェックして下さいね(≧∇≦) pic.twitter.com/ephyu3x29N — Pick-upVoice編集部 (@PuV_official) July 26, 2016 Hello, everyone! The poster for Pick-up Voice September Issue, released today on July 26, that cover featured Kiramune Music Festival 2016 is adorned at animate shops! … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.06.24~2016.07.09 Kiramune Company L #3

KiramuneカンパニーL#3明日25日(土)23:30~フジテレビTWO/TWOsmart!Lだけの未公開映像ではお酒担当木村良平さんだけにお疲れの一杯!#Kiraカン #浪川大輔 #吉野裕行 #Kiramune pic.twitter.com/DjP8G1QnPS — 【公式】Kiramuneカンパニー広報部 (@fujitvkirakan) June 24, 2016 Kiramune Company L #3 will be broadcast tomorrow 25th 23:00 on Fuji TV TWO/TWOsmart! The Unaired Clip that can be seen on L will be a cup of alcohol … Continue reading

[NEWS] 2016.07.03 Reading Live Event From Kiramune Will Also Be Held This Year, Kamiya Hiroshi and Others are Attending

Reading Live Event from voice actors artist label 「Kiramune」 will also be held this year. 「Kiramune Reading Live 2016」 will be held for two days on October 29 (Saturday), 30 (Sunday) at Maihama Amphitheater. Kiramune artists Kamiya Hiroshi-san, Namikawa Daisuke-san, … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.05.27~2016.06.10 Kiramune Company

KiramuneカンパニーL#2本日28日(土)23:30~フジテレビTWO/TWOsmart!Lだけの未公開映像でも入野自由専務の奔放さ炸裂! #Kiraカン #浪川大輔 #吉野裕行https://t.co/53wKikLdqp pic.twitter.com/fDJ9TYkhM3 — 【公式】Kiramuneカンパニー広報部 (@fujitvkirakan) May 27, 2016 Kiramune Company L#2 Today on 28th (Saturday) 23:20 on Fiji TV TWO / TWOsmart! Irino Miyu, Senior Managing Director’s wildness exploded even in the exclusive scenes that only can … Continue reading

[INFO] 2016.07.02 Kiramune Reading Live 2016

[Date] 2016.10.29 (Sat)・2016.10.30 (Sun) ※Both days, Day and Night Performance [Venue] MAIHAMA Amphitheater [Cast] Kamiya Hiroshi / Namikawa Daisuke / Kakihara Tetsuya / Okamoto Nobuhiko / Eguchi Takuya / Kimura Ryohei / Yonaga Tsubasa / Yoshino Hiroyuki [Guest Appearances] Nojima Kenji … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.06.05~2016.06.06 Kiramune Music Festival 2016 Day 2

怒涛のキラフェス初日公演が終わり、気がつけば最終日。キラフェス2016最終公演です。ご来場の際、注意事項をご確認の上、お忘れ物なきようお越しください。 #kiramune — ZONO HIROKO (@zonodearimasu) June 4, 2016 After a raging first day of KiraFes, it is the final day without noticing. It will be final show of KiraFes 2016. Please check the important notes without forgetting something when … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2016.06.07 KiraFes 2016

KiraFes 2016 was held on Saturday and Sunday It’s a festival that all members gather to make a noise You can say it’s a “specialty” that lasted more than 5 hours of long show Personally it was my first time … Continue reading

[NEWS] 2016.06.06 「KiraFes 2016」 avrà un articolo e una cover nel numero di Settembre di Pick-Up Voice

Il numero di Settembre della rivista Pick up Voice, in uscita il 26 Luglio, avrà come copertina il Kirafes 2016, evento targato Kiramune che si è tenuto il 4 e il 5 Giugno presso la Saitama Super Arena. Il 「KiraFes」 … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2016.06.07 I love this path

KiraFes 2016 has ended safely. For those who supported us, thank you very much. For those who came to the event, did you have fun? I talked about it there too, but I felt fun at a moment. KiraFes 2009 … Continue reading