The followings are the rules for Kiramune☆Stars:

  • When translating articles, blogs, info etc from this blog into other languages, please give us the credits or don’t remove the credits.
  • We do not post/share/translate any pictures, scans or staff blogs that are related to Kiramune Star Club, thank you for your understanding. For more information regarding this matter, please check this POST.
  • As for now, we only translate that are related to Kiramune activities.
  • We do not post/share any scans or pictures that should not be repost/the owners don’t want their scans to be repost anywhere.
  • We only post low quality pictures/scans, so if anyone needs or want the high quality scans, feel free to leave us a message in Facebook or email then we will try to find it for you.
  • Any owner of the scans/pictures that don’t want their’s to be posted, please inform us via email or message in Facebook.
  • We only tagged Kiramune members instead of other seiyuu that related to the post especially in Facebook.
  • Any tips that are related to the members, you can send us through email or Facebook.
  • We don’t provide any download links of the albums, singles, music video etc except scans.
  • We only post the music video in Facebook if we found it and one or two weeks after the release date.

Let spread the love for Kiramune and the members, enjoy this blog!

Thank you and have a nice day~

Kiramune☆Stars Team


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