[TWITTER] 2016.08.06 Yoshino Hiroyuki Live Tour 2016 “DRAMATIC SURF COASTER”

吉野裕行さんのライブツアー“DRAMATIC SURF COASTER” 札幌公演終了。ご来場頂いた皆様ありがとうございました。札幌で頂いた熱い声援と美味しいpowerをchargeして明日の仙台公演に挑みます! #Kiramune pic.twitter.com/pQFiU4U4X0 — ZONO HIROKO (@zonodearimasu) August 6, 2016 Sapporo show of Yoshino Hiroyuki-san’s live tour “DRAMATIC SURF COASTER” has finished safely. Thank you very much for those who came. We will challenge on Sendai show … Continue reading

[INFO] Yoshino Hiroyuki 2nd Single『DRAMATIC SURF COASTER』 Details

DRAMATIC SURF COASTER [Deluxe Edition (Limited Edition)] Release: 2016.08.03 LACM-34502 / 2000yen | 2160yen (Tax incl.) Benefits inclusion: DVD Contents 1. DRAMATIC SURF COASTER(MUSIC CLIP) 2. TRAILER First Press Benefits: Message card ※ The photo message is different from Regular … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.06.30 Yoshino Hiroyuki Live Tour 2016 “DRAMATIC SURF COASTER”

DSC’s rehearsal before the real show has ended. Give me sugar-!! There’s too much lactic acid inside ojisan’s bodies!! DSCゲネプロ終了。糖分くれー!!おじさんたち乳酸たまりまくってます!! pic.twitter.com/6oNl3VWc3X — 佐藤優 (@veryjumbogoo) June 30, 2016   Source: @veryjumbogoo 1 Translation: clstmk (Kiramune☆Stars)