[STAFF BLOG] 2016.06.15 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI」 Report!

It is out first fan meeting at Kurashiki! So everyone is excited before the event this time. We will show a part of that! It was coincident,… the members who participated this time were only “AB type” and “B type”. … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.04.30 Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI

Kimura Ryohei participated in the 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI」! Thank you very much for coming. And here are also two shots with Kakihara-san!! 【From the staff】(Information on Kakihara Tetsuya) Today’s event of 『Kiramune Fan Meeting in Kurashiki』 has successfully … Continue reading

[STAFF BLOG] 2015.08.15 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in SENDAI」 Report!

With a total of 8 venues, this was the first fan meeting in Sendai! When you talk about Sendai it means…?? So with that, we’re featuring “zunda” (mashed boiled green soybeans) in the character art. The cutely made Sendai version … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2015.07.25 Fan Meeting

I’m sorry for posting late! I’m going to report the event in Sendai There was a fan meeting for a label named Kiramune It’s been a while since I came to Sendai It rained as always when I arrived But … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2015.07.19 『Kiramume Fan Meeting in SENDAI』 Tweets Compilation

『kiramune FanMeeting in Sendai』Afternoon part, thank you for coming! I’m eating crepe, beef tongue, etc. to charge up for night part. I’ve collaborated with Nobu again with a signature ball~. 『Kiramume Fan Meeting in SENDAI』!!!! Tonight’s part just finished~~~(=^ェ^=) Thank … Continue reading

[INFO] 2015.04.01 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in Sendai」

「Kiramune Fan Meeting in Sendai」 【Date】 2015.07.19 【Venue】 Xebio Arena Sendai 【Members】  Irino Miyu / Kamiya Hiroshi / Namikawa Daisuke / Kakihara Tetsuya / Okamoto Nobuhiko / Trignal (Eguchi Takuya・Kimura Ryohei・Yonaga Tsubasa) / Yoshono Hiroyuki Source: Kiramune

[STAFF BLOG] 2015.03.05 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in TAKAMATSU」 Report!

To cerebrate the 5th Anniversary of establishing Kiramune label, the fan meeting is held on 5 venues nationwide! Part 5, which is the final part, was the first time for Kiramune in Shikoku, Takamatsu! It was held on January 11th … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2015.01.13 Coming Home

Last weekend I’ve beeeeeeeen moving around Release event in Hiroshima Please wait for the photos because it’s not ready yet. Thank you very much everyone! There are people who couldn’t come because of health condition. Let’s meet up when you … Continue reading

[BLOG] 2015.01.13 I’m Going 『to Sing』 This Year

I’m sorry for being late, Happy New Year. Also for those who became adult this year. Congratulations. You would feel the change yet not, or responsibility or freedom, alcohol or tobacco… There are lots to worry about. However, please stil … Continue reading

[STAFF BLOG] 2014.12.26 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in YOKOHAMA」 Report!

To cerebrate 5 years of establishing Kiramune label, there are 5 fan meetings planned. 4th is Yokohama! It was held on November 23rd (Sunday) at Pacifico Yokohama National Big Hall. It’s the 6th fan meeting and it’s the first show … Continue reading