[STAFF BLOG] 2016.06.15 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI」 Report!

It is out first fan meeting at Kurashiki! So everyone is excited before the event this time. We will show a part of that! It was coincident,… the members who participated this time were only “AB type” and “B type”. … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 2016.04.30 Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI

Kimura Ryohei participated in the 「Kiramune Fan Meeting in KURASHIKI」! Thank you very much for coming. And here are also two shots with Kakihara-san!! 【From the staff】(Information on Kakihara Tetsuya) Today’s event of 『Kiramune Fan Meeting in Kurashiki』 has successfully … Continue reading